Ido’s professionalism, knowledge and good advices ended up in an up-to-date, effective and efficient hotel website, generating a growth of 50% in internet bookings income. He is a true partner and an inherent part of the project's team, always available and a pleasure to work with.

Nir Carmeli, Marketing manager (1999 – 2010) , Isrotel hotels, ltd.

Ido’s creative out-of-the-box thinking and ability to find the best user experience under given R&D constraints is of great value for us. In addition, he's responsive and fun to work with.

Anner Kushnir, VP R&D, Algosec

Ido brings several great skills to the table. Not only he understands users and User Experience, Ido understands product and Product Management. Ido is a great team player, and brings love and passion to any project he is involved with.

Tsachi Zack Samocha, director of Products (2007 - 2010), AtHoc

Working with Ido gave us great insights to the User Experience aspects of our product. His professionalism and experience made any usability review process to be short, efficient and with great results. It gave our product an additional advantage over our competition.

Guy Rinat, Product Manager, Sentrigo

Ido managed to surprise me with creative solutions to challenging UI problems. He is a true professional, pleasure to work with and provides great results. Highly recommended!

Ramel Levin, Product Manager, ARX

Ido helped us manage and understand our client and market requirements and led us to a quick and impressive implementation. He is well organized, with detailed understanding of how to create and manage a winning design process. A pleasure to work with.

Tamir Shabat, Product Manager, Oracle

You want a better product. I can help.

  • Improve your product's vision and capabilities.
  • Provide the best User Experience by focusing on your users.
  • Learn and understand your users, their needs and wants, their goals and their pains. Understand and fulfill their desires.
  • Create streamlined environment and processes for your users to fulfill their goals.
  • Create a safe environment where your users err less, and recover faster.
  • Create order and findability in your product inventory and information architecture.
  • Create that little extra that turns a usable product into a desired product.

My Services:

I teach Web, Mobile and Desktop applications how to behave.

Interaction and User Experience Design

  • Personas, Sceanrios, flows, Use Cases,
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Framework and Layouts
  • Behaviors, voice and "personality"
  • UI Specification
  • User Interface Detailed Design
  • Guidance, Style guides
  • Support and assistance for your R&D and Marketing.

User Experience and Usability Consulting

  • Usability tests
  • Expert and Heuristic Reviews
  • User Interaction and User Experience Tests, reviews and Recommendations.

My Experience:

A seasoned professional with over 18 years of real-world experience in interaction and interface design for applications and sites.

I bring a rich blend of analytical capabilities with a creative soul providing interaction solutions that are realistic, as well as usable and desirable.

I provide A broad and passionate vision of the user's experience, through practical understanding of:

  • People, motives and goals
  • Business processes and needs
  • Usefulness and usability
  • Visual communication
  • Brand and marketing
  • Technology

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I have worked with these guys:

  • Comrax
  • Comverse
  • Panaya
  • Totango
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Gulliver
  • Isrotel
  • Tambour
  • Arkia
  • Ctera
  • Sentrigo
  • Algosec
  • Arx
  • OpenSource Inc.
  • Yael Software
  • Israel Electric Company
  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • K2K
  • Bezeq
  • Rafael
  • IDE
  • AtHoc
  • Boeing
  • PWC
  • eBay
  • Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ort
  • Schema

Contact Me

Please do:

Cellular: 972-52-511-6990
Office: 972-9-898-5203